Tour Mongolia’s wide open spaces and experience Siberia’s spectacular flower show on this unique East Asian tour.

Altai Explorer

Explore Mongolia and Siberia on this discovery style expedition across Mongolia to the remote Western Bayan Olgii province and beyond to Siberia’s strikingly picturesque Altay Republic. In Mongolia visit historic Kharkhorin and Tsagann Nuur Volcanic National Park. In Siberia our route tracks through the forests and peaks of the Chuysky steppe to remote Ust-Koksa where we have time to explore the alpine meadows of this beautiful mid Altay region of mountains and lakes before heading to Novosibirsk to conclude.

Talk to us if you would like to travel to UlaanBaatar by train, or take the Trans Siberian train from Novosibirsk to Irkutsk/Lake Baikal at the end of the tour


Price is all inclusive and based on twin share and minimum of 2 travellers.
Single Room Supplement available

Escorted by SRA local professional tour leader

Trip duration
19 days
9℃ - 24℃
Hotels, Guest house and Ger camps.
4WD vehicle and coach
Commence UlaanBaatar
2 June 2020
Conclude Novosibirsk
20 June 2020
Max 8
Itinerary at a glance
Day 1 arrive Ulaanbaatar
Met on arrival and transfer to hotel. The tour commences with dinner tonight.

Day 2 Ulaanbaatar
Full day sightseeing including Ganden monastery and the Museum of Natural History. Lunch at Mongolian cuisine restaurant and time permitting, visit a Cashmere Factory shop

Day 3 To Kharkhorin
Depart UB by 4x4 cars and head west across the steppe to Kharkhorin. The route is through the Tuul Gol river basin and Mongol Els dune system. We’re planning a traditional musical performance this evening at the Ger Camp.

Day 4 To Tsenkher Jiguur Hot Spring
Sightseeing this morning includes Erdene Zuu Monastery and the ruins of Kharkhorin, the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire. This afternoon drive to Tsenher Jiguur Hot Springs.

Day 5 To Tsagaan Lake
Drive to Tsagaan Lake in Arhangai Province. Surrounded by extinct volcanoes, Terkhiin Tsagaan is one of the most beautiful lakes in Mongolia, the lake, bird life and mountains are protected within the 73000-hectare Khorgo-Terkhiin

Day 6 To Khodrogo camp site
Depart to drive along the northern shore of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur lake on dirt tracks to the formed road over Solongot Pass to the Ider Valley. We plan a stop at Tosonchengel before arriving at the camp site.

Day 7 To Khyargas Nuur camp site
Continue overland across the steppe to Khyargas Nuur Lake and the Hetsuu Had Ger Camp.

Day 8 To Ulaangom / Uureg Lake
Continue to to Ulaangom (red sand); a pleasant tree lined town with a thriving market reputed to be the best in western Mongolia. Overnight in Ger Camp by Uureg Lake.

Day 9 To Ulgil town
Head towards Ulgii town. There are two major river fords on this route – if the rivers are high then a detour is required to cross the bridge over the Khovd Gol. Arrive in Ulgii town, the capital of Bayan-Olgii province and visit a Kazakh family for a meal and tour around Kazakh market. Overnight in Ger camp.

Day 10 To Tsagaanuur border and Chibit
Drive to the Mongolia-Siberia border at Tsagaanuur. Meet our Siberian guide and vehicle, complete Russian border formalities and continue to Chibit. Visit the Mars Valley on the way. Overnight at Chibit. Our route to Novosibirsk follows the spectacular 717 km long Chuysky Tract.

Day 11 To Kurai Chulyshman
This morning transfer 190km by road to Chulyshman valley in Altaiskiy Zapovednik nature preserve, the tribal homelands of Altaians (the Altai-Kizhis) and Telengit people. Along the way visit the “valley of the Chieftains” now known as the Pazyryk burial mounds dating from the bronze age. We also vist the Kolban tract where ancient petroglyphs date from the Scythian period.

Day 12 To Artybash
Today transfer by road down the Chulyshman river valley to 78km long Teletskoe lake and take the ferry down the lake (4hrs).

Day 13 To Chemal
Today we are back on the road for the 168km trip to Gorno-Altaisk. Enroute we can visit the folk museum and the Arjan-Suu and Tavdinskie caves archaeological site. Arrive in Gorno Altaisk at midday and spend the rest of the day at leisure in the town.

Day 14 Chemal
Today we plan to wander through the lanes of Chemal village with its wooden houses and garden plots and walk along the ‘gulag’ trail to a small monastery perched on a small island mid stream in the Katun River. After lunch visit the beautiful peony garden and bee-farm.

Day 15 To Ust-Koksa
Today drive up the Chuyskiy tract highway. Visit the Neolithic site at Ust Kan cave on the way and stop at Mendur-Sokkon village ethnological museum to learn about the religious and cultural traditions of Altai people. Folk concert in the evening.

Day 16 Verkhniy Uimon
Excursion to the historic ‘old believers’ village of Verhnyi Uymon. Visit with a local family and with the herbalist to learn about the healing properties of herbs of the Altai Mountains.

Day 17 4x4 Tour to the Red Mountain
Spectacular views of the mountains, alpine meadows flush with flowers, 3 mountain lakes. Picnic on the lake shore.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 18 to Novosibirsk
Transfer to Novosibirsk. Visit the UNESCO World site at Denisov cave archaeological site where more than 20 cultural layers from different periods of Human History.

Novosibirsk - depart
We have some free time in Novosibirsk this morning and after lunch have a sightseeing program in and around the city. Early evening transfer to airport for departure flight.
OR to the Railway station to continue to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal OR Moscow and St Petersburg with our extension recommendations and arrangements.

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