Mandalay - Kohima Trail

Experience the Hornbill festival by a path less traveled on this fascinating South Asia tour from Mandalay to India’s colourful Nagaland.
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Edgy Adventures

If you have your sights set on Asia’s far flung corners and ‘edgy’ spots we have a couple of stunning adventures on the drawing board for 2017. Details are still a work in progress but numbers on these trips will be limited so let us know if you are tempted. We’ll hold a spot for you and keep you informed.

North West Frontier

Kashgar to Islamabad:
19 Days, July 2017 Date and Price to be confirmed.


It was a sad day when we dropped Pakistan’s legendary North West Frontier from our trip catalogue. I didn’t expect that we would return to Chitral and the Kalash Valleys any time this side of a blue moon but I was always optimistic. Happily the heat of that post 9/11 era along the ‘frontier’ has cooled and we judge the way to be clear for a return to our old haunts in 2017. The trip will kick off in Kashgar, include a village homestay in upper Gojal, a sojourn in Hunza and exit to Islamabad via Chitral, the Kalash Valleys and Swat. If the dates fit we plan to coincide with the 2017 Shandur Polo Tournament. Register your interest here.

Mt Kailash

Lhasa to Kathmandu:
19 Days, October 2017 Date and Price to be confirmed.


We have been plotting a return to Mt Kailash for years. It’s been a long wait but time and circumstances suggest that 2017 is the window that we have been waiting on. Our plan is to fly from Lhasa to Ali in far west Tibet and drive to Kathmandu by way of Guge Kingdom, Darchen, Manasarova, Everest Base Camp and the Tibet-Nepal Border at Kyirong. We plan to make the Kora trek at Mt Kailash. For non-trekkers there is an option for a full day excursion to visit Lake Manasarova. This will be an extended trip at high altitude best suited to active travellers with some previous experience at altitude. Register your interest here.

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